Thursday, April 07, 2005


WordDraw is a shareware program ($5) that allows students to practice writing their letters and words. For little ones just learning to write, the advantage of using this program over a worksheet is that it is animated--by that I mean that the students can actually watch how a letter is formed. Then they can either trace or free write the letters of the word with their writing showing up on the Palm screen. Gone are the days of having students trace words on a worksheet only for the teacher to find out that the student has just traced the same letter wrong for the last 15 times! The visual feedback on this program is awesome.

One nice feature is that you to create word lists in Memo Pad and then import them into WordDraw, which is great if you are trying to reinforce specific vocabulary. You can also set the animation speed and the case of the letters. As with most Palm programs, there are not many choices, so the program is easy to use.



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