Friday, April 08, 2005


One of our schools if focusing student use of handhelds on mathematics achievement. Students as young as first grade, as well as special education students, are using the Palms. Using the Palm to give instant feedback is one of its major benefits and one of the programs that we found to be helpful was KidzTalk™-Calc.

We bought this program because it actually speaks the numbers allowing students to have audio feedback about the numbers that they are working with. For instance, if you enter "2 + 4 =" it will say "two plus four equals six." But, do be forewared because when you start working with two digit numbers, it acts a little odd. For instance, if you enter "24 + 13 =" it will say "two four + one three equals thirty seven." The way that we use it is to help students learn how to say multi-digit numbers correctly. For instance, when you enter "24 =" it will say "two four equals twenty-four." The nice thing is that you can have it pronounce numbers up to 99,999,999.



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