Sunday, February 10, 2008

Google and Beyond ITSC Workshop Web Resources

It's that time of year when we in the Pacific Northwest come together in Portland, Oregon for another Instructional Technology Strategies Conference (ITSC). In keeping with the tradition of providing all conference resources to the laptop-toting participants, the references to all web resources listed in the Google and Beyond workshop are listed below.

This year, we'll take a look at how some of Google's search tools have changed as well as some of the cooler new tools that are available.

Part 1: Google Search Tools

You'll also see new ways to obtain information--as we are no longer tied to using search engines to find information. Instead, we'll investigate the use of layers and RSS (really simple syndication) in conjunction with Google Earth (GE) which will allow us to access information from a geographic perspective--and have it displayed globally. Imagine reading the news--not in a newspaper, not on a web page, but reading it from the location where it is taking place!

Part 2: Map Tools / Spatial Aggregators

Join us and learn how you can use Google tools to find the information you want and Google Earth to help your students make global connections to your instructional content.

Part 3: Google Earth
Happy Googling!