Saturday, October 28, 2006

eBook Studio

Two easy tools for creating eBooks for the Palm are (1) Plucker (described in a previous post) and (2) eBook Studio. I use both of these tools. Here's how I differentiate when to use which tool:
  • I like to use Plucker (free) when I am including web content in my eBooks. It is super easy and is great for incorporating web sites when students don't have access to the computer lab but do have access to Palms.
  • If the users of the eBooks have access to eReader Pro (which includes a built in dictionary), and I don't plan to use any web site content (other than pictures), then I like to use eBook Studio ($30; contact them for education pricing). It may seem a little easier to use than Plucker, but they are essentially about the same level of difficulty.
    • Demo version of eBook Studio (for Windows and Macintosh) If you use the demo version, you can make the eBook for reading on your Palm, however you will have a stamp on each page of your book that says that it was created with a demo version. You will not be able to save the eBook for later editing (you can however copy the contents and save them in a word processing document for later use).
For information on what makes a good eBook, see Electronic Books: Reading and Studying with Supportive Resources.



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