Tuesday, September 20, 2005

QuizWiz V3.3 (Freeware)

We showed the QuizWiz application to the HIP (Handheld Integration Project) teachers in August and they loved it! According to the author, it's "an easy-to-use quizzing program that lets you tutor yourself on any topic using flashcards, multiple choice, or true/false questions. With QuizWiz you can import quizzes you've created yourself using the Palms built-in Memo Pad application or choose from a library of free quizzes available at our website."

So, how is it used? Teachers and students can create their own quizzes in Memo Pad (see direction below) and import them into QuizWhiz to study any topic (we were working with vocabulary) in a variety of formats (multiple choice, true/false, or self scored flash cards).

To create the quiz in Memo Pad, create a new Memo. The first line of the memo will be the title of the quiz. Then put the question on the 2nd line and its answer on the 3rd line and so on alternating between the questions and answers. Once you finish this, open QuizWiz and import the quiz. One thing to note: QuizWiz randomly generates the other multiple choice options. However, you can provide your own alternatives by editing the quiz from within QuizWiz.

Quizzes are beamable. However, if you have students create quizzes for their classmates, make sure that they have included a correct answer for each question!



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