Thursday, July 28, 2005

Plucker V1.8 (freeware)

Ok, so now I am really excited. Plucker is a wonderful application that allows you to save web pages to your handheld. Why am I excited about this? Well, think about the teacher who has a classroom set of handheld computers. She can use Plucker to download a web page, including its linked pages (you can decide how many levels you want to download), beam the file to her students and they can use the offline site to do their own research. Benefits include no off-task browsing and student access to online content without having to go to the computer lab.

There are two components to Plucker: the Plucker desktop which allows you to select the web content you want to download and the Plucker viewer Palm application that allows you to read the web content once you have hotsynced. You can beam the Plucker files to another Palm from within the Plucker viewer.



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