Monday, May 09, 2005

BeSmart V1.3

BeSmart is a drill and practice piece of software allowing students to add, subtract, multiply, or divide two numbers. The student can select one type of operation as well as the number of digits in both the first and second number (these can be one to five digit numbers). The student can also determine whether to use negative or positive numbers. There are two features that I like about this program. First, there is a work area so that if a student needs "virtual scratch paper" they can work out the problem right on their Palm. Second, the student's percent correct is shown on the screen at all times. If a student doesn't like a 75% rate of accuracy, (s)he can simply reset the tally and go for 100% accuracy. Speed in which the problems are completed is not a factor; the only feedback a student receives if they are wrong is the correct answer.
This is a time limited demo version; the unlimited version is $8.



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