Thursday, March 31, 2005

NW Handheld Project

If you are considering using handhelds in your classroom, there are a number of things to consider: equipment management, student contracts for out of class use, tutorials, curriculum integration, success stories, and current research on handheld effectiveness.

During the 2004-05 school year, the South Lane and Eugene 4J School Districts began the second year implementation of handhelds in the classroom. These two districts, in conjunction with the Lane Education Service District, are assisting Creswell, Three Rivers, and Springfield School Districts in the implementation of their own 2004-05 handheld initiatives. This blog will feature applications that we have found helpful to the teachers and students in these Oregon K-12 districts.

To help teachers learn more about classroom use of handhelds, the South Lane and Eugene 4J School Districts have worked in partnership with the Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum to develop the Northwest Handheld Project. Visit the site and be sure to contribute to the applications database!


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